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"They made our dreams come true" June 14th 2014

Yanni, Shari, and Char did a great job preparing and executing our dream vision. I would recommend them for all parties, not just weddings. We had a vision of what we wanted for our wedding at The Drake Hotel Chicago and they truly knew how to make it come true. Yanni met with us three/four times and spent over two hours, each time, discussing every single detail. He was very forthright about what would look good and what would not be reasonable. Each time we met he would be professional and would easily connect with our parents. We love his dynamic personality and his sense of style. Although he is not Indian, he knew more about the culture then we expected. Yanni and his team went truly went above and beyond what we expected.

They were very honest about expenses, execution time, and labor that would go into each event. They put thought to every detail, including Yanni booking a room at the hotel to make sure the mandap was brought in at 2am (to keep it a surprise for all the wedding guests and to not disturb the hotel guests).

Even though our cake was very intricate and needed many, many flowers, Shari worked out each detail and made sure the cake looked beautiful the day of the wedding. Shari, Char and Yanni were easy to contact and always promptly and thoroughly replied to emails.

Being professional, courteous, and reasonable they made our dreams come true at The Drake Hotel. Our guests commented they were in a dreamland when they entered the wedding/reception halls.

Yanni and his team truly love what they do and you will experience that every step of the way.

-Aditi Vuas and Vivek Patel (05.25.14)

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