5 Secrets to a Stunning Sangeet

Sangeet decor is not intended for fading in the background but to surround loved ones with innovative designs and intimate details incorporated into every element of your wedding style. Whether you are into the more traditional vibrant and chromatic style of a sangeet or you want to make it a chic and modern celebration, Yanni Design Studio’s designers will go above and beyond for this pre-wedding tradition. Below you will find some tips to transforming your sangeet into a social media sensation and Pinterest inspiration!

  1. An Unforgettable Sangeet Entrance

Welcoming the bride and groom to the sangeet is the first grand moment of the evening! Make it a memorable one with a rickshaw ride adorned with vibrant fresh floral arrangements. This fun and colorful introduction to the bride and groom kick off the festivities in a special way!

Photo Courtesy of  Sapan Ahuja Photography

  1. Moroccan Inspired Centerpieces

Give your guests an exotic view at dinner with suspended Moroccan lanterns complimented with fresh greenery! Customize this sangeet table décor for a truly Instagram worthy moment for your guests.

Photo Courtesy of  LaCour Images

  1. Dramatic Draped Backdrops and Stage Décor

The bride and groom should always take center stage at this extravagant party! Lavish multicolored drapery, accented with cafe bulb lighting, and unique furniture, makes for the perfect seat and backdrop for the newlyweds to enjoy performances!

Photo Courtesy of  Michael Allen Photography

  1. Personalized Patterned Dance Floors

The performances at this fantastic pre-wedding celebration are presented on an elaborate scale and we believe your dance floor design should emote this  as well! With Yanni Design Studio’s in-house vinyl printer we can create and customize any pattern, color, and print to truly capture your dream sangeet.

Photo Courtesy of  Yanni Design Studio

  1. Extraordinary Ceiling Installations

This festive colorful ribbon canopy was the focal point of this South Asian wedding event and has started a trend for modern sangeet décor. Whether it is chromatic ribbons or suspended floral, you can never go wrong with adding in more décor to your dance floor to create an exceptional stage for your performers.

Photo Courtesy of  This is Feeling Photography

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