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6 Tips for Having A Fabulous Wedding on a Budget
Jan 01,2019

While your wedding day is important and should be honored, the last thing you want is to start your new marriage in debt! Unless you’ve inherited a gold mine, chances are a set wedding budget is going to be a part of your big day. Before you get downtrodden, remember that a wedding on a budget doesn’t have to be one jot less fantastic than a flashy affair. Keep reading for our best tips on how to have a fantastic wedding on a budget.

1) Give yourself time to save. The further out you set your wedding date, the more time you have to save money for your wedding budget. It also allows you to search for special deals with vendors. For the DIY couple (who can make marvels at a wedding on a budget) you’ll give yourself plenty of time to finish all those homemade details.

2) The more you plan, the more you save. Think about what you really want before you shop. That way you are less likely to be tempted by shiny “extras” that are offered by vendors when you meet with them. Stick to the plan to help keep your wedding on a budget.

3) A wedding on a budget practically necessitates comparison shopping for vendors.Whether it’s flowers, tuxes, or wedding favors, comparison shopping allows you to get the best deal between price and quality. Even if the differences between vendors or small, saving a few bucks here and there can add up to several hundred (maybe thousands) of dollars saved on your wedding budget in the end.

4) Find out if parents are helping to pay for wedding costs.When you are setting your wedding budget, ask both of your parents how much (if any) they plan to give towards the wedding costs. Try to get concrete amounts as early in your wedding planning as possible; it’s impossible to plan a wedding on a budget if you don’t know what the budget is!

5) Find little ways to save. While you may not be able to arrange a big salary bump in preparation for your wedding, small changes can go a long way toward filling out your wedding budget. Give up cable for a few months, limit restaurant trips to special occasions, or start a change jar for all your extra quarters, dimes, and nickels. You’ll be surprised how fast it adds up!

6) Ask for a discount. The most powerful question you can ask when talking with wedding vendors is “Is that the best you can do?” Often times if you ask for a discount, they may offer you one. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, don’t be afraid to ask if they can take a little off of the price.

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