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Bridal Nail Design
Dec 12,2014
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When planning your hair, makeup, and outfit for your wedding, it’s easy to forget that your nails can get dressed up, too! Choosing an interesting and unique nail design for your bridal look is a great way to add one final accent to the big picture. Whether you’re a nail polish every day girl or a natural is better lady, there’s sure to be a great bridal nail design for you. Here are some of our favorite nail art designs for your wedding day.

For the Natural Bride:

If nail polish is only a special occasion thing for you, choosing your bridal nail look might feel overwhelming. While you want something fancier than everyday buff, you don’t want to go too far into crystals and crazy colors, and that’s totally understandable: your wedding day look should reflect your personality first of all.

One great nail look for a natural bride is a tone-on-tone swirl design. This starts with a neutral base color, like blush, or even a simple clear coat. Over this base layer, white, ivory, gold, or one of your wedding colors is added in a swirling or lacy pattern. This still-natural look is at once basic and intricate, and won’t have you stuck in the salon for hours. Since it can rely on a plain clear coat base, too, you can worry less about the edges chipping.

Another great look for a natural nail design is a basic floral accent. In this type of bridal nail design, a clear base coat is layered on to make your nails look healthy, then a small, simple flower design is added. The design can be placed on each nail, or used just on one or two as an accent. Simple, beautiful, and easy, this is a great option for a bride who prefers natural nails.

For the Glamor Girl:

Brides who know their way around a fancy manicure are likely to want something even more ornate for their wedding day. Luckily, nail art has really taken off in the last few years, and talented nail artists can come up with amazing new twists on classic wedding nails for the detail-savvy bride.

One of our favorite fancy nail designs for brides is the half-glitter manicure. Like a French manicure, this design uses a large-grain glitter polish on the bottom half of the nail, than leaves the top natural or adds a neutral color tip. Flashy without being over the top, this is a great nail look for a glam bride.

If you don’t mind spending a while in the salon (and who does??) you might also want to try an intricate lace design. Created using stencils, decals, or even hand-painting, lace designs feature intricate details that look like old fashioned lace, often painted in white or ivory over a clear base coat. If you want something really fancy, opt for a base coat in one of your wedding colors with the lace accents in a complementary shade. Or go for a strong contrast with a jewel-toned base under white lace accents.

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