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Coolest  New Wedding Invitation Trends
Jan 01,2015


Just about everyone goes through a phase in their life where their refrigerator is covered with a dozen wedding invitations. One thing you’ll notice very quickly during these wedding tornadoes is how many wedding invitations look almost identical- cursive writing, “the honor of your presence is requested,” tasteful black ink aplenty. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional invitations, you can get guests more excited about your upcoming wedding by having a highly creative invitation. After all, the invitation is the first hint guests receive about what the wedding will be like, so why not make your wedding’s calling card a unique choice? Here’s some of our favorites!

Invitations that Move:

We are definitely not suggesting you throw a live mouse into your envelopes to surprise your guests, but invitations that include some kind of motion are very on trend. Examples might include a layered invitation designed to look like a compass, so that when one layer is turned it reveals event details. Invitations that feature cute pop-up designs are another really cool way to add some dimension that will set your invites ahead of the pack.

Movie-themed Invites:

There’s no greater story than how you found the love of your life, and some couples are taking care to show their love story with proper cinematic flare through their invitations. Consider a save-the-date card styled like an action movie poster, with the two of you facing danger in the foreground. Or, turn your wedding into a custom printed movie-ticket, inviting your guests to an event that sure to get rave reviews from the critics. If you’re a movie buff couple, film-themed invites are a cool and unusual way to let guests in on all the details.

Unusual Materials:

Paper? Everyone uses paper! Why not express the unique qualities of your relationship by using a non-traditional material for your invite base. Having a rustic, outdoor wedding? Have your details carved into thin pieces of bark or wood. Opting for a Victorian-inspired tea? Purchase charming old-fashioned cloth hankies and have the wording screened on. Want to imply some Gatsby-esque elegance? Have the date and time emblazoned on a silk or wooden fan. The sky’s really the limit when it comes to alternative materials for wedding invitations.

Geek-Inspired Invites:

The 21st century is the time to embrace your inner geek, and you can even bring it along as a guest to your wedding! Geek-themed invites take their cue from the hallmarks of this now-celebrated culture, such as video games, comic books, and cult films. Have an artist create a comic-book cover invitation that serves as your guide to the wedding while also putting the two of you in awesome superhero poses. Opt for an 8 bit-inspired design or a cool folded-paper arcade cabinet as your invites if vintage gaming is what brought you together.

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