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DIY Wedding Favors That Won’t Take You Days!
Jan 01,2015
s'more wedding favors

Source: thefavorbox

We all love DIY wedding favors; they feel personal, homey, and are often more useful than pre-designed favors. What many DIY favors can be, however, is a giant time suck, and in the run-up to your wedding, there just may not be time to bake and decorate 100 miniature wedding cakes to give as favors. Here are some great DIY wedding favor ideas that are tres chic without being time-consuming.

From the Bookworm Couple:

Customized bookmarks are a great, simple DIY wedding favor that requires nothing more than a little printer savvy and a laminator (or a contact at the nearby Kinkos who can hook you up!) Choose a design you like, such as one of your wedding flowers, then add it to a bookmark template, which you can download or find with many types of word processing software. Print it, cut it out, punch a hole at the top for a ribbon, and have the whole thing laminated to protect it. With a friend or two to help with the cutting, you can have this inexpensive DIY wedding favor done in an afternoon.

For the Compulsive Baker:

Home-baked wedding favors are fantastic, but do give you the problem of needing to do the baking close to the wedding as to ensure freshness. Since it’s the thought that counts more than the fanciful design, you can still do a great home-baked favor without staying up til 3 AM the night before your wedding to bake. Instead, choose a simple sugar cookie recipe that can be pressed into a roll and frozen and make the dough a few weeks before the wedding. When you’re ready to bake, slice rounds off the roll, bake, and then draw on a simple icing heart or add sprinkles in your wedding colors. You can do the baking and decorating in maybe one or two hours, less if you’ve got some help!

For the Beach Wedding:

This is one of the easiest, most on-trend, and simplest DIY wedding favors we’ve seen- and everybody is sure to love it! In a mini mason jar or clear favor bag, simple pack four graham squares, two mini chocolate bars, and two big marshmallows. Voila! Instant s’mores! This is great if you’re planning a bonfire, so people can roast their own, but it can also be a good take-home snack to make after the wedding. DIY has never been easier!

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