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Great Ideas to Liven Up Your Wedding Reception
Jan 01,2020

Wedding reception games are considered to be an ice breaker. While guests may look forward to the fun and festivities of every reception, it can be tricky or even uncomfortable to start conversations with other guests they do not know. A few fun wedding reception games will help form new friendships and quickly turn awkward intros into a fun event.

Wedding Reception Game Ideas: The following are some wedding reception games that a couple can play at the reception together with their guests: The couple can twist the familiar tapping forks against glasses to see the bride and the groom dance and turn it into something else by including dice. The guests should pair up whether it is at the table or during a dance. Once they have done this, they can roll the dice. When a pair rolls an even number, the bride and the groom kiss but when they roll an odd number, the paired guests kiss. This would be a fun way to get the guests involved. The kisses do not have to be deep kisses and should be what is comfortable with the guests.

Another reception game that the couple can introduce is wedding couple trivia. The couple can fill out answers to questions about their relationship, like where they met, on what date was their first kiss, and what kind of diamond is in the bride’s engagement ring. Then, guests can fill out their own guesses on the answers; the person who gets the most right could even get a prize. These types of wedding reception games are extra fun because they keep the focus on the couple and their relationship.

“Russian fingers and Roman hands” is a great way for the bride to engage the guests. It will definitely get the men chuckling. The game involves placing three or four clips on the grooms body. The clips have to be hidden in places that are hard to find such as the back of the head or on the shoe laces. The bride is then blind folded and told to find the clips. The game could be made to be more fun if the guests shout “colder” or “warmer” when she gets close to finding the clips or moves further away.

Add Music to Your Wedding Reception Games: One of the most popular wedding reception games is musical chairs. This game can be played the traditional way without adding any fancy complications. The bride can get the DJ or the band to play a tune and the guests could in turn try to find a seat as quickly as possible once the tune stops. The chairs have to be less by one each time. The person who misses a seat is eliminated from the game. Whoever wins the game could be rewarded with a center piece or something simple.

Tips and warnings: As much as the games should be fun, the bride and the groom should avoid sexually explicit games. These are likely to make both the couple and the guests uncomfortable. The games should also be easy and friendly so that people of all ages can be part of the games

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