Great Wedding Food Ideas on a Budget

On her big day, not only does the bride want to look fabulous and outstanding alongside the man of her dreams but she also wants to be able to fill her guests' stomachs with great quality food. Of course there are amazing luxury wedding food ideas to dazzle guests, but whole lobsters and molecular gastronomy may just not be within everyone's wedding budget. Therefore, here are some fantastic wedding food ideas the bride can utilize not only to save her money but still make a great meal for all her guests.

Finger Food: Finger foods, appetizers, or whatever you want to call them, can be a great choice for wedding food ideas on a budget. Since finger foods are easy and quite cheap to make, brides can add fresh fruits and flowers to decorate the trays, adding to the aura of refined elegance and giving the whole affair a more sophisticated look.
If the wedding is casual, don't neglect the possibilities of inexpensive frozen foods for wedding food ideas. Mini-pizzas, quiches, and even eggrolls can all be great finger foods that can be purchased inexpensively in bulk.

Main Course: They say you can never go wrong with pasta; since it is affordable in bulk, it can be one of the easiest wedding food ideas to incorporate with a small budget. The versatility of pasta allows it to dressed in any way that the couple likes- or in several different ways to offer variety. For instance, pasta could be tossed with pesto, smothered in marinara, or served in a delicate, creamy alfredo sauce. Throw in a simple green salad and toasted, crusty sourdough for an easy, inexpensive, yet perfectly delicious wedding meal. The guests will enjoy the food and the couple will have saved some money.

Side Dishes: Wedding food ideas for side dishes include simple preparations of seasonal fruits. Add color to the reception with towers of colorful fruits such as strawberries or pineapples. In summer, add beautiful trays of berries, grapes, and peaches for contrast.

Simple vegetable crudites are also great wedding food ideas on a tight budget. Trays of gleaming white cauliflower, rich broccoli, crisp zucchini spears, and crunchy carrots will look like a feast when served with a few different dips. A good combination of dips might include hummus, artichoke dip, and a creamy blue cheese dip.

Tips and Warnings: When planning wedding food ideas the bride on a tight budget must consider her budget expenses before deciding on the kind of food that she will serve. However, don't forget to consider other factors such as the guests' preference. She might find that some of the guests are lactose intolerant, vegetarians, or diabetic. Providing a variety of simple, inexpensive wedding foods will help meet everyone's dietary needs while still staying within the wedding budget.