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How Online Wedding Planning Saves Busy Brides Time and Headaches
Oct 10,2019

Back in the day when you had to hitch up your buggy and drive to the general store to find out if they’d gotten your order for sugar in, we admit that wedding planning was a nightmare. Luckily for the modern bride, the only carriage you’re likely to need is the one to take you up to your ceremony- which you booked online!

Online wedding planning is the best friend of any bride, whether you’re a novice user or a veteran surfer. In fact, online wedding planning can make your big day so easy, you might want to make it your maid of honor! Keep reading to find out the many ways the Internet can make your wedding a breeze.

Review Renaissance: Instead of the old phone-book or word-of-mouth, today’s bride has instant access to dozens or even hundreds of reviews of every kind of wedding vendor she could possibly need. With a little online review research, you can know instantly which cakes disappointed, which DJ’s soared, and which bridal boutiques came with a side of snotty attitude. While any bridal retailer is going to have a bad review or two- bridezillas do exist, after all!- if the majority of the reviews on an independent site are positive, you’ll know you’re in competent hands.

Wedding Dress Wonders: Prior to the Internet age, brides simply had to hit a bridal store and choose from what they had in stock. If they didn’t carry your size or didn’t have the styles you liked, you just slogged from place to place, finally settling on something out of sheer desperation. Online wedding dress websites allow you to browse the entire catalog of any designer, and find out where each dress is carried locally. Moreover, brides on a budget can visit fantastic sites where recent brides sell their used-once dresses for bargain basement prices.

One caveat with ordering a dress online, however- get yourself professionally measured. You and a tape measure just aren’t going to be exacting, which can lead to unpleasant returns. Ask a sewing-skilled friend to help you get your measurements, or go into a tailor’s shop for a fitting.

DIY Desirability: If you’re planning a DIY wedding, your ticket to savings and variety lies in online wedding planning. Whether you’re crafting boquets, favors, homemade table runners, or centerpieces, craft websites will provide you with endless variety- way more than your local craft store can manage. Websites also frequently give discount deals on bulk merchandise- so if you need two dozen hurricane vases for your centerpiece, you may be able to score them at a bargain. The ability to comparison shop between dozens of different websites also helps ensure that your DIY wedding stays on budget.

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