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How to Choose the Best Wedding Florists
Jul 07,2019

Flowers set the stage for a beautiful wedding; there’s nothing more incredible then having your guests walk into the reception and having their jaws drop at the breathtaking display of wedding flowers. Since gorgeous wedding flowers start with choosing the best wedding florists, keep reading for tips on how to pick yourself a perfect flower expert for your wedding day.

Determine Your Expectations: Before you know whether a wedding florist can give you what you want, you have to know what you want! Spend a little time researching bouquets, centerpieces, and floral decor to get a sense of your own taste and your likes and dislikes. By doing this homework, you will be able to more quickly determine whether prospective wedding florists both understand and agree with your taste.

Check Out the Locals: More research is needed to determine the best wedding florists in the area. Most florists have websites providing online portfolios of their work and style. Flipping through these displays can give you a sense of each florist’s aesthetic and experience.

Of course, florists’ websites are designed to show their talents off, but what really counts is how they perform on the day. To garner this information, turn your attention to independent review sites. As you’re reading the reviews, look for answers to key questions from past customers: Were the flowers fresh? Did the the floral arrangements showcase the theme and colors of the wedding? Did the flowers hold up over the course of the day? Did the flowers make an impression on the guests?

While even great wedding florists will likely have a bad review or two from a malcontent, you’ll be able to tell from the general consensus of the reviews whether the florist is worth an interview.

Interviewing Wedding Florists: If you’ve narrowed your search for the best wedding florists down to two or three options, it’s time to schedule consultations. Try to do this in person, so that you can bring pictures of bouquets or arrangements you like to get their opinion. In person florist consultations also allow you to get a sense of whether the florist is a good people person and whether they’re responsive to your ideas.

At the Interview: Be sure to ask these questions to get the full information from your prospective wedding florists.
– Are you available for my wedding date?
– Have you done weddings at this venue before?
– How much setup time do you need?
– Do you do room drapery, lighting and accessories too?
– How many weddings do you do on a given weekend?
– Is there a break down crew to take flowers at the end of the night?
– How much do you require for a deposit? – When is the final balance due?
– What is your refund/cancellation policy?

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