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How to Find a Wedding Planner
Feb 02,2020

The engagement ring has been on your finger for ten minutes, and already you’re being inundated with wedding planning tips! With this endless stream of unsolicited advice, how does a busy bride cut the clutter and make wedding planning simple? By hiring a wedding planner, of course!

Of course, choosing a wedding planner is no small decision. You have to find someone who jives with you personally, and seems to have the time, skills, and intuition to understand what you truly want. Below, find all the questions you’ll ever need to ask before you pick your wedding planner.

Wedding Planner Background Questions: We recommend you start with these easy questions to get a sense of the planner’s history and personality.

What is your favorite part of being a wedding planner?
When did you start your wedding planning business?
How many weddings do you handle a year?
May I see any online reviews or testimonials from past clients?
What is a real story about a bridal emergency and how you saved the day?
May I see pictures from your portfolio to see samples of your work?

Down to Brass Tacks: Once you’ve established the professional history and style of your prospective wedding planner, move on to more practical concerns.

What types of planning services do you offer?
Can you help me create a vision for my day or just with executing it?
Do you offer different levels of service I can choose from?
Will I receive a checklist of tasks that you will handle and ones I should cover myself?

Personal Involvement: You’ve got to know if your wedding planner is going to be around when you need him or her, so suss out the truth with these questions.

How many weddings do you handle on a given weekend?
Is wedding planning your full time career or do you do this part time?
What kind of response time can I expect from you if I have questions?
Are you going to be available to attend rehearsal, the church, and the reception?
Will you have any other staff who will attend as well?
Is there a limit to the time I can meet and talk with you during our work together?

Practical Details: If they’ve passed all your requirements with flying colors, don’t forget to ask your new wedding planner these important final questions.

What types of payment do you accept?
When are the deposits due?
If I need to cancel my wedding, can I get a refund?
Do you have a back up plan in case you are sick on my wedding day?

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