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The Hottest Bridal Shoes
Nov 11,2014
wedding shoes

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When you’re wearing a dress that trails on the floor, it can be easy to assume bridal shoes are just an afterthought. Truthfully, however, your shoes are already important- they’re what holds the rest of you up, for one thing! The perfect bridal shoes can also be a key accessory to your overall look; they’re the finishing touch at the base of your outfit that brings the whole design together. Here are some of our favorite bridal shoes!


One trend we’re seeing crop up quite frequently is beautiful, elegant detailing on bridal shoes. Not the plain satin finishes of days past, today’s best bridal shoes offer embroidery and beading in intricate patterns. Not only do these carefully crafted details make your bridal shoes look extra-special, they also mean you can get away with more casual (read: comfortable) styles without sacrificing a formal appearance. Adding these details means you can comfortably dance like a princess in gorgeously embroidered velvet slippers, or scoot around the dance hall in a pair of delicately beaded open-toe flats.

Grand Sparkle Station:

We’re pretty happy that design trends have moved away from rhinestone bedazzled dresses, but all that need for sparkle has got land somewhere, so why not on your feet. While heavy glitter or sparkle in your dress and veil can be a little over-the-top, shoes that glint and glitter will only catch the eye on occasion, like when your new spouse spins you during your first dance. This way you can have a little extra glow without overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

Sparkly bridal shoes don’t come in just one type, either, and it’s hard to choose a favorite! From overall sparkle heels to those that feature a matte finish with a gem-encrusted heel, you’re sure to find the right amount of glitter for you.

Courageous Color:

Some of the most beautiful butterflies in the world have one plain color on their outer wings, but show astonishing flashes of jewel tones when they flutter. That’s how we like to think of colorful wedding shoes. Since your shoes are under your dress most of the day, the focus is all on the detailing and simple colors of your outfit showpiece the majority of the time. What a cool extra dimension, however, to have a flash of ruby slippers, emerald d’orsays, or sapphire slingbacks under your pristine white gown!

While bright colors can be fantastic for bridal shoes, you can create a cool and subtle contrast by sticking with pastel or tone-on-tone shades as well. More sophisticated than flashy, this is a great way to give a nod to a paler wedding palette or even match your bridesmaid dresses!

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