“There is only one word to describe my wedding: stunning”

There is only one word to describe my wedding: stunning. If you are planning on having a traditional South Asian wedding, you need to go with Stephanie from Yanni Design. I had a Pakistani wedding with 400+ people and for both my mehndi and reception, Stephanie executed the most beautiful and flawless decor I have ever seen, including the most stunning flower wall for my reception. I planned my wedding in Chicago from Washington DC (my parents are based in Iowa). Stephanie answered every email and every phone call with a positive attitude, and promptly too. She actually took the time to listen to me, even when I went back and forth on the littlest details. When we wanted to change the vision of the reception, Yanni's team built flower arrangements on the spot, to make sure we were actually seeing what we would be getting on the day of the event. Stephanie is polite, professional, and has true expertise when it comes to how a South Asian wedding should look. And not only that, she is a truly kind and genuine person. I never felt anxious or scared to call her and talk her ear off for 20 minutes about the perfect hue of the flowers. I probably did that a dozen times and every single time she listened to me and talked me through every decision. This type of customer service is unparalleled. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone.

Z Chowdhry (Renaissance Schaumburg on 2017-08-27)