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Top Things To Look For When Hiring a Wedding Photographer
Apr 04,2019

Which Photographer is right for me?


Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning process. With your choice, you’ll determine how accurately and aesthetically the day will be recorded, setting the foundation for your memories for decades to come. Since this is not a decision to be made lightly, consider these tips for hiring a wedding photographer that is the right fit for your needs and your budget.

The crucial first step to hiring a wedding photographer is viewing their portfolio. If you don’t like their work and style, then it’s not a good buy at any price. Look through their albums. Are the pictures clear? Is the lighting good? Do the pictures make you feel something? Do you feel they made the subjects of their photo look beautiful and real?

Your wedding day goes by fast. You want someone that knows exactly where to be to get the best shots throughout the day. An experienced photographer can quickly get the action of what is happening, and will be able to easily navigate the schedule to get the perfect shots. With experience also comes knowledge about how to frame and light photos quickly and correctly- skills that can turn an average shot into a stunning one.

One of the keys to getting a great wedding photo is for the subjects to feel relaxed and comfortable. If your wedding photographer doesn’t come across as friendly, engaging, patient, and calm, it may be more difficult to get truly beautiful posed pictures. Meet with your photographer in person and pay close attention to their communication, eye contact, and general personal skills to get a good idea of how they’ll behave on your wedding day.

It may help to get quotes from a variety of local vendors to determine the average price for wedding photography. While it’s important not to skimp on your budget in this area, be aware that pricier doesn’t always equal better in terms of wedding photography. Look for the best blend of a portfolio you love and a price that seems reasonable.

Reading online reviews can give you a candid look at former clients’ experience with a specific wedding photographer. Look for key answers to important questions, such as: Do they stand by their promises? Was the work high quality? How was the turn around time? Did the photographer return your calls and answer questions?
Ask These Questions

When meeting with wedding photographers, be sure to ask these important queries.- How many photographers does your package include?- How many hours are included in your package?- If I need an extra hour, what does overtime cost?

– Is there an engagement session included or is that extra? – Is the engagement session in studio or outdoors?
– Can they do touch ups if necessary? – How soon can I get my wedding proofs?
– Will I get the digital rights to my photos?
– What kind of albums do you offer?
– How long will it take to get my photo album?
– Do they charge for travel?
– Can you meet the photographers who will be shooting your wedding? If not in person, can you have a phone call or Skype session to get to see if the photographer’s personality and style are a      good fit?

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