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Unique and Fun Groomsmen Gifts
Jan 01,2015


Sure, cufflinks are traditional, but is that really what your groomsmen are hoping to receive? Tradition has gotten in the way of great groomsmen gifts, which should be a token of the groom’s appreciation and respect for the men who stand beside him on his wedding day. Here’s some great ideas for groomsmen gifts that are fun, unusual, and personal.

Survival Bracelets:

Chances are, if your groom has been buddies with his groomsmen for a while, they’ve gotten into some sticky situations. Help them get out of any future potential danger with survival bracelets, which quite literally could save their lives one day. Made of tightly woven parachute cord, survival bracelets can be unraveled to use as a rope in any situation- it can be a makeshift fishing line, used as a lash on tents, or can even be used as a tourniquet in emergencies. Some models even have a universal handcuff key as part of the clasp- might be necessary for some of the more danger prone guys.

groomsman gifts

Source: Active Edge Gear

A Day of Manliness:

Instead of gifts, your groom could arrange a fun, sporty outing for his best guys. A day of playing paintball, night at the casino, or an afternoon tasting craft beers could all be great ways to celebrate a groom’s connection with his best buddies and further the bond of friendship. Even something low key, like a bonfire at the beach or a night of poker could be great fun for the right group of guys- and a good substitute for a crazy bachelor party if that’s not the groom’s thing.

Groomsman Gifts

Source: Koval

Good Alcohol:

The groom is moving into a more mature phase of life as a husband, and that means he needs to start dragging his buddies up with him. One good way to do this is to ease the transition from half-price kegs by giving your guys a taste of the good stuff. Bottles of premium liquor, like barrel-aged whiskey, aged scotch, or premium vodka, may be a welcome surprise to guys who judge beer by how well it works, rather than how good it tastes. A simple mixology book can be a good addition to this fun groomsman present.

groomsman gifts

Source: Amazon

Personalized Presents:

Each of the groomsmen has a distinct personality and his own set of hobbies. The groom can show his true appreciation of these friends with gifts that cater to each guy’s interests. This could mean an awesome new video game for the gamegeek, the latest fitness tracking gadget for the gym nut, or a thoughtful tome of philosophy for the scholar. While the gifts won’t be identical, you should make sure they are similar in price, so no one gets left out.

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