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Wedding Color Combination Basics
Oct 10,2014

Choosing the colors for your wedding is one of the first major design decisions any couple will make for their happy day. Finding the right color combination for your wedding is critical to nearly every other decision you’ll make, since the colors you pick will determine the shades of everything from table linens to bridesmaid dresses. When faced with this important decision, however, it’s easy to get flustered- after all, there are a lot of colors out there! Here’s some wedding color combination basics to help you get started.

Look Around You:
It’s important to make decisions about color in concert with your choices for ceremony and reception venues. If you’re dead set on baby blue as a color, yet your reception hall is bright pink, you may run into trouble with your design scheme. When you’re viewing potential venues, take a good look around and note the colors of the walls, floors and ceilings at indoor venues, and the amount of foliage or types of flowers and trees at outdoor venues. Knowing what pre-existing colors you’ll have to deal with can narrow down your color scheme choice.
Look Outside:
Spring, summer, fall, and winter- each of the seasons have certain colors associated with them. While you don’t have to stick religiously to jewel tones in fall or stark contrasts in winter, choosing a largely seasonal palette can help your wedding match its surroundings and can actually net you savings.
For instance, colors associated with a season tend to show up in the flowers present during that time of year, and seasonal flowers are almost always less expensive than those out of their growing season. Therefore, by incorporate the natural colors of the season into the wedding, you can reduce your budget in some key areas!<

Look Inside:
If you’re totally flabbergasted by what color combination will work for your wedding, look around your home! Chances are, in choosing décor items, paint colors, and even furniture for your home, you’ve gravitated toward colors that are naturally appealing to you. If the colors in your home make you feel warm, comfortable, relaxed, and happy, then they can also be great choices for your wedding color scheme.

Look at Each Other:
You and your new spouse will want to look your best on your wedding day, and that means that the surroundings should compliment your looks. Choosing colors for your wedding that highlight and enhance your complexions can mean that photos and videos turn out better on the big day. So if you tend to look washed out in pastels, don’t opt for a peach and ivory scheme- it can only work against you.
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