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Wedding Gifts for Your Parents
Dec 12,2018

Some couples may choose to give their parents gifts on their wedding day, as a token of thanks for the love and support they have shown throughout the planning process and for their entire lives. A wedding gift to your parents is a sweet gesture that can be very meaningful for all involved. It can also be a good way for each spouse to express their gratitude and love for their new in-laws, which is never a bad idea! Here’s some ideas for wedding gifts you can give your parents that they’ll never forget.

A Romantic Treat:

You’re starting out on a huge romantic adventure, just as your parents did once long ago. Celebrate the shared experience of love and marriage by giving your parents a gift that emphasizes their own romantic relationship. A gift certificate to a lovely dinner spot, a night at a romantic bed and breakfast, or even a breakfast basket to encourage them to enjoy the morning after the wedding could be a wonderful way to celebrate your gratefulness for their love.

wedding gifts for your parents

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A Gift that Brings the Family Together:

For some parents, their child’s wedding may be a bittersweet experience, especially if it marks the day where their son or daughter will move away from home. Help temper this feeling of loss by creating a new photo album that celebrates the joining of both spouses’ families. Include some pictures from both of your childhoods, as well as pictures from your relationship, your engagement, and any holidays or celebrations spent with either family. A joint photo album can help your parents feel that they are gaining a whole new family rather than losing a son or daughter.

wedding gifts for your parents

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A Gift of Gratefulness:

Parents want their children to grow up happy, healthy, and safe, and often provide lots and lots of lessons and advise on how best to achieve these goals. Unfortunately, it’s hardly news that kids don’t like to listen all the time, and parents may get the feeling that their helpful impulses are falling on deaf ears. Your wedding is a great chance to tell your parents that their lessons have not been forgotten. Each spouse can write a heartfelt letter to their parents, citing the positive things they have learned through watching their parents, and expressing their gratitude for all the work that was put into raising them.

While a letter is a simple gift, it can be one of the most personal and emotionally important gifts you can give your parents; a tangible reminder that you listened, even when you said you weren’t. Each spouse can also write a letter to their new in-laws, thanking them for the gift of a soulmate and making a special vow to care for their new spouse in gratitude to their in-laws. Prepare for some misty eyes when you hand these beautiful wedding letters out!

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