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Wedding Hair: Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hair Style
Dec 12,2019

After choosing the perfect dress, a bride’s next big decision lies in choosing the best wedding hairstyle for her big day. With so many wedding hairstyles to pick from how can brides select the best look? Keep reading to find our best basic tips on how to choose a wedding hairstyle that’s right for you.

Finding the right wedding hairstyle is a matter of a few factors.

1) Hair Length – First you’ll want to pick something that works with your hair length. If you have short hair, you may have time to grow it out. If you have long hair and want to try a different length, it’s better to switch early and make sure the new style suits you.
Browse through magazines and websites to see which styles catch your eye. Bring them in to your hair stylist for a consultant. She can advise on what looks would work best with your hair and offer suggestions. Wedding hairstyle
options are endless: partial updo, full updo, loose curls, straightened, braids, and side sweep.

If you have short hair and dream of luscious locks, you may want to try hair extensions. That will allow you to have long curls or the romantic wedding up do you have dreamed up.

2) Matches and Complements – It’s really important to make sure the wedding hairstyle you choose matches your dress, complements your features, and works with your veil. For example your hairstyle can help bring out your eyes. Hair length can bring attention to or hide certain features. The most important thing is that your hair matches your personality and makes you feel beautiful. If you don’t feel comfortable, you may feel awkward for pictures.

3) Theme and Style – Is your wedding formal or casual? Is it a beach wedding or a church wedding? Is your style modern, vintage, or traditional? All these questions will affect your wedding hairstyle decision making. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll want a bridal hairstyle that holds up to the heat and wind.

4) Accessorizing Your Wedding Hairstyle – Add some bling to your hair! There are fabulous ways to dress up your hair: a simple flower, jeweled pins, bobby pins, combs, and hair clips. Special accents will really set off your look!

Other Wedding Hair Tips Bring in Photos to your hairdresser: It will help her see styles you like and brainstorm ideas that will
work with your hair

Try it out: Get a practice hair session to try out your wedding hair and make sure you like the hairstyle and that it flatters you.

Give yourself plenty of time to get it done: Allow extra time to get your hair done so your hairdresser can pamper you to get the look just right. And if your wedding party is getting their hair done allow more time that what they suggest. The last thing you want is to be waiting to walk down the aisle because your bridesmaids are still getting their hair done.

Day look / Evening look: Consider one look for church and other look for the reception. It could be as simple as removing the veil and adding a flower for the evening look. It’s a fun way to add drama for your big entrance as the new Mrs!

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