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What to Look For in a Romantic Honeymoon Spot:
Dec 12,2014


Start reading honeymoon brochures and you’ll soon be convinced that Kansas City is just as romantic as Paris! Since romance is a premium ingredient in any honeymoon, destinations will try everything they can to sell themselves as the sexiest and most romantic spot you could visit in a dozen lifetimes. But what really sets the scene for true romance on a honeymoon? Here’s some key qualities to look for in choosing a romantic honeymoon spot.

A Balance of Comfort vs Adventure:

Everybody knows that adrenaline gets the blood pumping- in more ways than one! Doing adventurous, exciting activities together can be incredibly stimulating and bonding, and can leave the two of you desperate to get back to your room. If, however, your room is full of mosquitoes, or your adventure is six hours away from your hotel, that charged feeling can dissipate before you even cross the threshold.

Therefore, look for a honeymoon spot where the excitement is fairly close to the accommodations, and where the raw setting of the cliffs, deep-sea dives, or cave-diving doesn’t indicate that the rooms are barely livable. Additionally, make sure the local area covers the basic necessities; good food options, available medical care, and a fairly low-crime environment. When you’re hungry, injured, or frightened, the adrenaline rush is not likely to improve your romantic escape!

New Opportunities:

Maybe you have a vacation spot you visit every year, that’s comfy and cozy and would be fine honeymoon. If you’re looking for heightened romance, however, we’d suggest skipping the familiar in favor of a new experience. After all, you only get one real honeymoon, why spend it doing the same activities and staying in the same room you see every summer? While there’s a lot to be said for a cozy, familiar spot, you’ll make your honeymoon feel more special if you choose a singular adventure to have together. Having the feeling that you’re embarking on something brand new together is a beautiful symbol for your marriage, and will give the whole trip a heightened sense of romance.

Room for Intimacy:

Let’s be honest, here: romance often leads to activities not done in public, so you’re going to want to make sure your accommodations and destination is suited for all that newlywed jazz. Paper-thin walls, thousands of screeching families, and overly crowded spots are not conducive for the privacy you’d probably prefer on your honeymoon. Consider honeymoon destinations that are child-free to help avoid the judgmental stares and comments if you decide you want an extended kiss over your crème brulee, rather than hitting tourist hotspots that are popular with families.

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