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Why You Need to Do a Bridal Makeup Trial
Jan 01,2015
why to test your makeup look before your wedding day

Source: Be Modish

Let’s face your face: if you want great wedding pictures, you need to ensure that your makeup for the day is perfect. While you may be great at everyday makeup or even special occasion looks, your bridal makeup needs to be versatile enough to look great both in person and on camera, while also lasting for upwards of ten hours without caking or sliding off. A bridal makeup trial is the key to getting your look just right, and here’s a few reasons why:

Skin is Sensitive:

If you don’t wear a lot of makeup or only do minimal makeup for everyday wear, you’ll may need to try new products for your bridal makeup look. With any new makeup product, there’s always the chance that your skin will react poorly, either by clogging and allowing blemishes to form, or reacting to an ingredient and causing redness or rash. A full bridal makeup trial a few weeks before the wedding can ensure that none of your products will harm your skin.

Lasting Power:

One of the headaches of a bridal makeup look is that makeup can fade or cake after a few hours, especially if it’s warm or dry outside. By doing a makeup trial, you can watch your skin throughout the day, seeing when touch-ups are needed or if any heavier products, like cover-up, are caking on your skin. Knowing how your skin will handle the makeup throughout the day can allow you to look great from the moment you step onto the aisle to the last kiss goodbye at night.

Lights, Camera, Makeup:

Makeup looks different on camera than in person; colors tend to fade slightly, highlights and shadows are less prominent, and facial details, even on the best cameras, can mesh together. A makeup trial also gives you the oppportunity to take some photographs of your bridal look and see how the camera handles the products so you can make adjustments as needed.

If you want to be super-duper sure that your makeup will look great in photos, see if you can pop by the reception venue on the day of your trial, during the hours that your wedding will be held. Getting some pictures at the venue will show you what the natural lighting conditions of the space do to your makeup and overall look. It’s possible, for instance, that the bright daylight of your outdoor location could wash you out, so you might need to compensate with extra color.

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