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YDS Brings Out Real L-O-V-E with Decor!
Feb 02,2020
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Cupid just won’t stop striking! As cheesy as it may sound, here at Yanni Design Studio, we’re all suckers for a beautiful thing called, “love”.  Working in the wedding  industry, every day we are spoiled watching new couples walk through our front door with huge smiles on their faces, ready for us to design the wedding of their dreams. Then we also have our repeat clients who come to us two or three years after the wedding to have us design their baby’s first birthday, but that’s a whole different kind of L-O-V-E.

One of our brides truly inspired us to create the wedding of her dreams filled with romantic decor at every turn.

“Everything about the weekend was romantic. During the Sangeet, the mood lighting and drapery really set the tone. And for the wedding, well, there’s nothing like walking on a bed of rose petals as you walk down the aisle. The reception hall was filled with flowers from the table decor that cascaded down to the floor to the cake that perfectly matched the decor. The candlelight took it to the next level,” said Sapna Sondhi.

The wedding vision came to life, but it began years before we met the lovely couple.

“Whether it was a graduation, birthday, holiday, or engagement, Arun gave me roses. I have dried a few roses from each of these bouquets and saved them. For the wedding, I wanted to take this to the next level. From the canopy of red roses to walking on rose petals, Arun and I were surrounded by roses. So I would say my vision was simple elegance that represented us.”

Take a look at some photos from their special day, which was held at The Drake Hotel & The Hilton Chicago:


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Yanni and his team. They were so patient as I went back and forth between designs and in the end, every event was even better than I expected. The first time I met Yanni, he told me that by the end of the process he knows exactly what a bride wants. He was right,” said Sapna.


Photos Courtesy of Jai Girard Photography 

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