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Wedding Day Love Letters
Feb 02,2019

One of the most romantic things you can do for your fiance is to send them a love letter to read before your wedding. Since the two of you will likely be separated until the ceremony itself, these notes can help you feel connected as you prepare for your wedding. Here’s some great tips on how to write a unique and meaningful wedding day love letter that’s sure to get your soon-to-be-spouse all fluttery with excitement.

Remember Your Past:

One good way to start your letter is by sharing the first happy memory you have of your fiance. Whether that’s the day you met in second grade, or how you ended up chatting in a bar after each surviving a perilous blind date, or even the moment you realized you were more than just friends, it’s an incredibly important part of your relationship. Acknowledging the beginning of your relationship is a beautiful way to remember how far you’ve come and how excited you are for another new chapter in your life together.

Get Gushy:

One thing love letters should not be is restrained. Even if you have a hard time expressing your feelings out loud, try to be honest about how you feel in your wedding day love letter. Let your fiance know just how good it feels when they walk in at the end of the day, or when they send you yet another ridiculous cat GIF. Wedding ceremonies are often about tradition and formality, but this letter is a chance to let your fiance know all the private things about the two of you that you love and honor. Don’t hold back!

wedding day letters

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Get Silly:

Lord Byron, you may not be (and probably shouldn’t be if you’re getting married!) Don’t worry that you don’t write like Shakespeare, and don’t try to adopt an overly formal or flowery tone. Chances are, there’s a good dose of humor and fun in your relationship, and it’s fine to pay tribute to the silly stuff that makes the two of you laugh together.

wedding day letters

Source: Pinterest

Plan the Future:

The two of you may have been together a while, but there’s a long road of marital bliss ahead! Go ahead and express your hopes for the future, whether that’s starting a family, finally getting a dog, helping each other to successful careers, or traveling the world together. Let them know that you believe the future is bright, as long as it includes the two of you together.

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