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Eco Friendly Wedding: Green Wedding Favors
Dec 12,2020

Planning a green wedding? Today many couples are looking to host an eco friendly wedding. Type “eco friendly wedding” and you’ll see over 22 million search results. Green weddings are a hot trend for today’s brides. A fun place to start is ideas for green wedding favors.

One of the best things about green wedding favors is that they allow you to buck the trend of boring old favors. Modern, trendy brides want to stay away from the cheesy wedding favors such as personalized pens, mini bubbles, and a mesh bag full of almonds.

Today, brides are getting creative with green wedding favors that are truly unique and that their guests will love. It’s a great way to take care of Mother Earth while raising awareness about being environmentally friendly. Imagine giving your wedding guests a special handmade favor they will treasure like homemade jam, packets of dried rubs, jars of honey, or handmade beeswax candles or soap. Guests always enjoy home based edible creations like cookies handmade candies, or cake pops.

If you’d prefer to get away from the edible, consider giving a “plantable” green wedding favors that grow flowers or trees. You could give seed packets that allow guests to create their own herb or flower garden, or use plantable containers that can turn into wildflowers. Not only is this a fun gift to hand out, it allows you to use your wedding to promote environmentally friendly behavior long after the day is over.

If you planning on packaging green wedding favors in containers, consider using recycled materials or unbleached paper. Unbleached, sustainably harvested cotton favor bags also make a great choice to place wedding favors in, but try to make sure you’re sourcing them from fair-trade companies.

Instead of giving a tangible favor to guests, you could also opt for the charitable donation route. At your wedding, give each guest a card with a list of two or three environmental or social welfare charities, and ask for them to pick one each. You can then promise to make a donation in their name to that particular charity.

No matter how you choose to go about your environmentally-friendly wedding favors, your wedding guests will enjoy the personal touch you put into your green wedding favors. And making favors yourself can help the budget conscious bride to save money as well! After reading these basic tips, we hope you have fun brainstorming Earth-friendly alternatives for green wedding favors for your wedding!

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