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How to Choose Bridesmaid Gifts
Jan 01,2015


When you ask your friends and relatives to be bridesmaids, you’re not only bestowing an honor, but also asking them for assistance and support during the wedding planning process. In return for their kind help, it’s appropriate to give them a small gift of thanks, often given at the rehearsal dinner or on the wedding day. Choosing bridesmaids gifts can be difficult, as you’ll want them to be meaningful and personal, but may need to find quite a lot of them if you’re planning to have a lot of bridesmaids. Here’s  some items to consider that will help you choose the best bridesmaid gifts.

Make it Useful:

Lots of companies suggest that your bridesmaids would love a silver paperweight or a silk fan, but how often is she likely to need or use purely decorative items? If you want to get your bridesmaids gifts that they will truly love, choose items that are useful to them in their daily lives. Choosing something that you think will make them happy and help ease their day-to-day lives is extremely thoughtful, and your bridal party is sure to appreciate a gift they can actually use.

best bridesmaid Gifts

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Make it Personal:

Don’t feel like you need to get everyone identical gifts. While the value of the gifts should be about the same, feel free to customize your bridal party gifts to each woman in particular. So if you have one friend who is a bookworm and another who is a beauty hound, you could easily spend $20 on a cool book for one and a trendy makeup palette for the other. Your bridesmaids are generally women you know quite well, so go with your instincts about their personalities when choosing their gifts.

If you have girls in the party that you don’t know well, for instance, your fiance’s sisters, be sure to ask around to get the skinny on their hobbies and interests. Not only will this help you choose a personal gift, it can go a long way toward building a great friendship with these new women in your life. They will likely be touched by your effort, and that can only work in your favor.

Make it Memorable:

Another path to take when choosing bridesmaid gifts is to choose items that are in some way related to the wedding itself. If, for instance, you’re having a formal wedding, giving each girl a beautiful beaded clutch in one of your wedding colors can serve both as a bridesmaid gift and as an outfit accessory on the day. Not only will you be giving them a useful item for the future, you’ll tie the memory of your wedding in as well. Good options for wedding-related bridesmaids gifts include shawls, barrettes, customized necklaces, or bracelets.

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