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Music for a Wedding: How to Choose the Best Wedding Songs
Dec 12,2019

Finding the perfect wedding music really sets the tone for the day. Music can really hold special memories: someday you’ll think back to the music of your first dance as man and wife. Here are some tips for planning wedding music and choosing songs that will make your wedding unforgettable.
The right wedding music can set the tone for each part of your big day. You can choose different types of music for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception.

Ceremony Music: You’ll need to select wedding songs for the following main parts of your ceremony.
1. Gathering music
2. Wedding processional songs
3. Special music during unity candle, communion etc.
4. Musical solos – by a friend, family, or professional vocalist
5. Wedding recessional songs 6. Postlude

Cocktail Hour Music: For the cocktail hour, you may wish to have wedding music with a different vibe. Whether it’s dueling pianos, jazz, or a string quartet your guests will enjoy some special music while they have a drink and some conversation.

Reception Music: Wedding songs you’ll need for the reception.
It’s important to choose wedding music that sets the scene for the reception as well. You can have soothing music during dinner and switch to dance music to get your guests on the dance floor. While some brides choose to have a DJ others prefer to have a live band. The bride and groom can put together their own wedding song playlist. Another idea is to ask guests to send their favorite songs written on the RSVP cards when they reply.

Here is a list of featured moments that you’ll need to select wedding songs for:
1. The bridal party entrance song
2. The bride and groom entrance song
3. First dance
4. Daddy/Daughter dance – Mom/Son dance
5. Bridal bouquet toss
6. Groom garter toss
7. Bridal party dance
8. Group participation songs (Electric slide, Chicken dance, Hokey Pokey)

Other Tips for Choosing Music for a Wedding

Tip 1: Banned Songs: Think of songs you do NOT want your dj to play. For example, you probably don’t wish to play a love song that you associate with a past person you dated.

Tip 2: Listen to the DJ or band at a showcase or another person’s wedding to see how they sound.

Tip 3: Make your wedding song list personal. Play music that has special meaning to you. Take time to select the perfect wedding music for your big day. Years later when that song comes on the radio it will remind you of the special day you said “I do”.

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