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Wedding Invitations |DIY Ideas
Feb 02,2019

Wedding Invitations | DIY Ideas

Everybody wants to save a little money when planning for their wedding unless they plan on starting their life together as a married couple in debt. If a couple is budget-savvy, then they would most likely look for areas where they can save some money. One area where they can save some money is through wedding invitations. There are numerous cost effective ways that the bride can save on costs and this does not mean that she should go for cheap looking invitation cards. She can still make her own wedding invitations and make them look elegant with the following tips.

DYI Wedding Invitations: It all starts with a theme! The first thing that the couple has to consider is the theme of the wedding, which will determine the kind of invitations that they would send to their guests. The invitations should then convey the theme of the wedding. For instance, if the wedding is casual, then the invitations should be simple and classic.

Shopping for Materials to Make DIY Wedding Invites Once she has determined the theme for the wedding, she can visit various local stores and shop for materials that she will use to make DIY wedding invitations. Most stores have materials for wedding card invitations in the craft section. The materials can be plain or have a few designs and decorations on them. It is up to the bride to choose the color that suits the theme of the wedding.

Budget Wedding Invitation Ideas After purchasing the materials for making the wedding invitations, she can print the invitations herself. There are different printing techniques that she can use to print the wedding card invitations. The engraved wedding card invitation is usually more appealing but expensive at the same time. Other methods that are cost effective are thermography and laser printing. They are appropriate and can still create a beautiful effect. The bride can also choose to personalize her wedding invitations by browsing online for unique templates that she can download and use on her wedding card invitations. This would be a more cost effective DIY solution.

3 Tips and warnings about DIY Wedding Invitations

1. Hand Addressing Takes Time: In order to save money, most brides would rather address the invitations by hand and send them via mail. This might sound like it is cost effective but on the other hand it is a lot of work. This is because the bride has to address the invitations to 200 hundred.
guests, for example, which might be a bit tedious.
2. Lace and a Bow Costs More Then Brides Know: Secondly, the bride has to consider that there are a few additional details that actually add to the cost of making wedding invitations. These additional details include using of bows or ribbons to decorate the cards. They might seem like they are less costly but when the total is added up, it actually amounts to quite a large sum of money.
3. Reception Cards Push Up Price: The bride also has to consider cutting costs on the wedding invitations by ensuring that the reception card is part of the wedding invitation. This means that all the information about the reception venue can be included in the wedding invitation instead of printing out extra cards.

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