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Why Every Bridal Hair Style Should Have a Trial
Sep 09,2014

Your bridal hair style is an important part of your overall look on the big day. After your dress, it’s one of the first things guests and, of course, your new spouse, will see as you walk down the aisle. Since choosing the right hair style can be time consuming, however, many brides make the mistake of skipping a hair style trial run. Here’s a few reasons why a hair style trial can be extremely important to you wedding day look.

You Vs. The Model:
If you’ve chosen your bridal hair style from a photograph, you may not know how it will suit your actual hair and face. If the model in the photograph has fine hair while yours is coarse, or their face is square instead of heart-shaped like yours, the style could wind up looking totally different on you. In order to ensure that you love your wedding day hair, a trial can help determine whether the style that looks perfect in the photo is truly perfect for you.

Holding it Together:
If you’re doing an elaborate updo, complicated curls, or any other complex hairstyle, you need to know that it will last all day. Depending on your hair type, a pin curl that looks great right after styling may fall flat after a few hours. By doing a trial hair style, you can see how the style lasts throughout the day.

One important thing to remember when tracking how your bridal hair style holds is whether you’ll be wearing a veil, tiara, or hair accessories. Be sure to incorporate these into your trial, and wear them all day if you can. This way, you can see whether your hair accessories pull on the style or drag it out of place as the day goes on, and adjustments can be made on your wedding day.

Sticking to Schedule:
If you’re trying out a new hairstyle on your wedding day, you have no idea how long it will take to prepare. Whether you’re getting your hair done at home or at a salon, the time it takes to wash, dry, curl, tease, and pin hair can last anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours, and who wants that kind of ambiguity on a day with a set schedule? A trial hair style lets you know approximately how long your hair appointment will take on your wedding day, so you can schedule it at the right time and plan accordingly for the rest of your get-ready routine.

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