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Groomsmen Trends for 2015
Jan 01,2015

It’s no secret than men are getting savvier about fashion, and that’s led to great advances over the plain black suit for wedding attire. Both the groom and the groomsmen can use wedding wear to express their personal style as well as create a unique look for the wedding, and hooray for that! We’re excited to see some great groom and groomsmen trends coming up in 2015. Here’s a look at our favorites.

The True Blue:

Guys think they know the drill for weddings: black or navy blue, maybe taupe if it’s a summer wedding. Well, here comes a look that tosses out those ideas and replaces them with something simple but not ordinary: the true blue suit. Skipping past navy, the blue suit uses a medium-dark blue tone that is just so fantastically not-navy that we adore it.

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, these true blue suits look fantastic against crisp white, cream, or yellow shirts and a contrasting tie, and are a great way to create a different look without asking guys to go too overboard into high fashion.

The Mismatched Groomsmen:

Bridesmaids have been in open rebellion against the identical-dress look for years, and who can blame them? Not everyone looks great in the same cut or shade, and it’s no different for men. We’re thrilled to see mismatched groomsmen looks trending for 2015, which may soon be called the year of the groomsmen as far as we’re concerned.

Doing the mismatched groomsmen look requires a few basic rules. First, an overall color should be chosen- for instance, grey- but then guys are free to choose shades within that tone, like dove, charcoal, or ash. Second, the outfits should have one or two elements that are common across everyone; for instance, everyone wears bow-ties, or shirts are all white. As long as the outfits have a few anchors, they’ll still look like a group, if not an identical set.

The variations on outfits for groomsmen are fantastic to play with. Long ties vs bow ties, jacket vs. vests and shirtsleeves, or even different color shirts under the same jacket are all great ways to use this trend. Like your bridesmaids, your groomsmen will likely be more comfortable and happy having some authority over the outfit, and will be able to show off some personal style while still supporting your overall look.

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